Shorts Program: Creative Culture

Stories from across the country. Animation/Live Action/Documentary. 58 min.

Recommended Age: 14+

Creative Culture is a program of compelling short films curated from the Jacob Burns Film Center’s filmmaker fellowship program of the same name. This collection of festival-shown animated, narrative, and documentary shorts shares multicultural stories from across our country that combine into a collective portrait of the American experience today. 




Death Metal Grandma

Documentary. 13 min. Leah Galant. USA. English.

A 96-year-old poet, songwriter, and Holocaust survivor, Ginsberg started singing death metal late in life.
Content Advisory: language

Third Period

Documentary. 8 min. Reweina Tessema. USA. English.

Absentminded seventh-grader, Reweina Tessema, finds herself in an awkward learning experience, with the weirdest teacher in school, after getting her period in the middle of English class.
Content Advisory: N/A

Only the Moon/Solamente La Luna

Animated Documentary. 9 min. Maya Cueva. USA. English.

The filmmaker’s father’s immigration story from Peru to the U.S., visualizing his dreamlike memories of transformation through the ‘60s, and what it means to grow old as a Latino immigrant in the age of Trump.
Content Advisory: drug usage and language

How I Got to the Moon by Subway

Narrative. 13 min. Tyler Rabinowitz. USA. English.

After being diagnosed with ALS, an older man goes to the hospital with his partner to record his voice bank before he loses the ability to speak.
Content Advisory: mild language


Documentary. 15 min. Crystal Kayiza. USA. English.

Through the deeply personal truths of three residents, Edgecombe examines the ways trauma repeats and reinvents itself in rural black communities.
Content Advisory: mild language

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