Classroom to Screening Room: In-Person Screening Information for Schools



Location: The JBFC Theater, 364 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Cost: For regular student screenings and discussions of films from our library, the cost is $10/student or FREE for under-resourced schools.

Time: 9:30 AM—12:30 PM



Arrival: Buses must arrive at the JBFC Theater by 9:15 am in order for students to be seated and for the event to begin at 9:30 am. Students will enter the Theater lobby and will be directed by JBFC staff to their seats one row at a time.

Departure: Once the event is over, students must remain seated in the theater until buses arrive. When buses are on site, students will be directed to exit the theater and go straight to the buses.



All Classroom to Screening Room events begin promptly at 9:30 am. During the discussion, a wireless mic will be provided and a school staff member or chaperone will be asked to be the “mic runner” – passing and receiving the mic to and from students – for the duration of the conversation. 



Capacity: Please note, the number of students allowed to attend one in-person Classroom to Screening Room visit at the JBFC Theater has increased to full capacity of 245, which includes chaperones. 

The maximum number of students allowed to attend is 245 (this includes chaperones). 

The minimum number of students allowed to attend is 40 (this does not include chaperones). If your in-person experience will include more than one visit, we ask that no less than 75 students attend each visit.

Busing: Schools are responsible for booking their own transportation. The JBFC will cover the cost of one bus per experience for under-resourced schools, up to a maximum of two per academic year. Our organization recognizes a school as under-resourced if a minimum of 35% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. We highly recommend teachers collaborate and facilitate bringing students from different classes and or grade levels. Funding for subsidized buses is limited and on a first come, first served basis.



The cost of a regular student screening and discussion of a film from our library is $10/student or FREE for under-resourced schools. The JBFC recognizes a school as under-resourced if a minimum of 35% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Payment by credit card or check is due one week before event date. No refunds will be issued once payment has been received.



If a school cancels after payment has been received, we will reschedule for the next available date. If a workshop is cancelled by the JBFC, we will reschedule for the next available date.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • MASKS ARE OPTIONAL (As of 11/3/22) 
  • All JBFC Staff are fully vaccinated. 
  • Our facility is equipped with Bi-Polar Ionization air filtration.
  • Students will be seated according to school’s safety protocols. 
  • Sanitizing stations will be available and located at the screening room entrance where visitors can sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting. 
  • Concessions will not be available. Students will not be permitted to eat in the Theater.
  • If a student is not feeling well or showing any of the following symptoms, do not have them attend the event. 


On the morning of their visit to the JBFC, teachers will be required to complete and submit a Health and Safety Screening Form confirming that no students showing COVID-19 symptoms will attend the screening and discussion as determined by their schools safety protocols. If a student arrives at the event sick, a teacher or school chaperone must tend to the student on the bus or otherwise offsite of the JBFC campus and provide the necessary measures to care for the student.


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