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Two Lottery Tickets

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Two Lottery Tickets

The next generation of Romanian filmmaking talent arrives in the U.S. with Two Lottery Tickets! A buddy comedy produced on a shoestring budget starring three of the most recognizable faces in Romanian movies, Two Lottery Tickets suggests Pineapple Express by way of Abbas KiarostamiSile is an irresponsible carpenter who spends most afternoons at the pub, placing small bets, racking up a huge tab, and buying lottery tickets. He convinces his drinking buddy Dinel—whose wife has just left him for an Italian—to play the lottery one hot afternoon. Borrowing a few Euro from Pompiliu, the local conspiracy theorist, Dinel plays the numbers on the off chance that a win would bring back his wife. After two petty criminals jack his fanny-pack and the winning ticket, the three guys spend what little money they have tracking down the thieves, from a wild goose chase around Dinel’s apartment complex to a road trip to Bucharest. Unpretentious, well-acted, and consistently hilarious, Two Lottery Tickets is a breezy reminder of the eternal essentials for good comedy: smart performances, a clever and intuitive style, and an irresistibly unpredictable yarn.

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"A scrappy...uproarious Romanian comedy."
Boyd Van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter
'Aims to make its audience chortle continuously for 86 minutes succeeds mightily."
Carson Lund, Slant

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