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The Lost City of Z


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The Lost City of Z

Based on David Grann’s bestseller, The Lost City of Z tells the incredible true story of early-20th century British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam, Crimson Peak), who discovered evidence of a previously unknown advanced civilization in the Amazon. Ridiculed by the scientific community, which regarded indigenous populations as “savages,” Fawcett—supported by his wife (Sienna Miller, High-Rise), son (Tom Holland, Spider-Man: Homecoming), and assistant (Robert Pattinson, The Childhood of a Leader)—repeatedly returns to the jungle in an attempt to prove his case. An epic tale of courage and obsession by James Gray (The Immigrant).

Tickets: $8 (members), $13 (nonmembers)

A lush, melancholic story of discovery and mystery, with a mesmerizing Charlie Hunnam.
Gray’s film is a beguiling and poetic, gluing you to the screen for every minute of its languorous running time and lingering in the brain for weeks after.

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