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Creative Culture

Creative Culture remains committed to its guiding philosophy of inclusion and collaboration. The true testament of this program’s value is in its reputation as a community where filmmakers care deeply about one another’s projects and, more importantly, about one another. ― Director of Creative Culture, Sean Weiner

Jacob Burns Film Center developed Creative Culture to champion diverse voices and foster a thriving artistic community from the region, across the country and around the world. Donor-funded fellowships and residencies help to ensure that people from every economic background have access to this rich experience.


Fellowship Program
Creative Culture provides 10-month-long fellowship experiences for emerging filmmakers looking to produce two short film projects in a collaborative community. Fellows receive access to production equipment and space, mentorship, and the JBFC’s industry network.

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Residency Program
Residencies in Creative Culture are four–six week intensive experiences for established filmmakers looking to work on a feature film project. Residents receive housing, a private editing suite, a weekly stipend, and access to the resources available at the Media Arts Lab and JBFC Theater. Residencies are by invitation only, with filmmakers being selected through partnerships with other like-minded organizations.

This program is invite-only. For more information, please contact

Learn more about the Residency Program.


Production Partnerships
Creative Culture is committed to providing our fellows with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to live as a creative. Production partnerships achieve this goal by pairing local organizations with media needs and Creative Culture alumni. Creative Culture provides equipment, insurance, workspace, guidance, and support to the selected filmmaker as they envision, produce, and deliver a commissioned video to the satisfaction of the client.

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