Wednesdays with Wiseman

The Jacob Burns Film Center is pleased to work with Zipporah Films and mTuckman media to offer three selections from filmmaker Frederick Wiseman’s catalog via our Virtual Screening Room in the weeks leading up to the release of his next film, the endlessly fascinating City Hall. Each film in the series will be accompanied by its own pre-recorded conversation with Wiseman and a rotating cast of documentary filmmakers. Every title in Wednesdays with Wiseman will be available for two weeks from their set start date. Additionally, the JBFC is delighted to open City Hall in our Virtual Screening Room on November 6.



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1995. 170 m. Frederick Wiseman. Zipporah Films. US. English. NR.

Ballet is a film about the American Ballet Theatre that follows choreographers, ballet masters, and mistresses working with principle dancers, soloists, and the corps de ballet, as well as the administrative and fundraising aspects of the Company.

Ballet, in its characteristic unadorned, unsentimentalized manner, remains unique, and its portrait of ballet dancers at work has no parallel.” – Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

Accompanied by a pre-recorded conversation with Wiseman and filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi (Meru, Free Solo).

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1978. 127 m. Frederick Wiseman. Zipporah Films. US. English. NR.

Sinai Field Mission documents the routine activities of the diplomats and electronic technicians who operate the United States Sinai Field Mission, the early warning system established in 1976 to help carry out the disengagement agreement between Egypt and Israel following the 1973 war.

“Wiseman gives us a community. We sense the isolation, the harsh climate, the numbing drudgery of the paperwork… by filming the story of Sinai Field Mission from the inside out, by incorporating all of the elements that make it up rather than a rote narrative of what it does and how it came to be, Frederick Wiseman has once again brought an issue into focus. And we know and care a little bit more because of it.” – James Brown, Los Angeles Times

Accompanied by a pre-recorded conversation with Wiseman and filmmaker Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line).

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1970. 84 m. Frederick Wiseman. Zipporah Films. US. English. NR.

Hospital shows the day-to-day activities in a large urban hospital with particular emphasis on the emergency ward and out-patient clinics.

“The chief characteristic of all Wiseman’s films — and the source of their tremendous emotional impact — is his instinctive sympathy for people who must confront the specific, human effects of vast, impersonal human social forces…” – Richard Schickel, Life

Accompanied by a pre-recorded conversation with Wiseman and filmmakers Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady (The Boys of Baraka, Jesus Camp).

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