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With accessibility in mind, we want to make sure as many children have access to our camps as possible. Each child may be registered for up to two (consecutive or nonconsecutive) weeks of camp. Only the first two weeks submitted will count toward registration. Any additional weeks registered will not be honored. 

Learn the basics of filmmaking, stop-motion animation, and editing in this fun, fast-paced camp experience! Led by JBFC Education Program Manager Brandon Shenkman, Experiments is a weeklong experience consisting of five two-hour sessions where students create digital stories and short animations while exploring key filmmaking concepts like shot types, framing, and voice-over. Whether a budding filmmaker looking to hone your skills or a total newbie ready to get your feet wet, this playful course will give you room to experiment with the support of a collaborative community.

The filming and animating portions of this course will take place during class time, so students must have access to two devices (one for creating, and one for communicating with the class). This course does not require out-of-class work, but if students feel inspired to keep creating, we will gladly share all they make.

Registration and General Information for Virtual Education Classes

Materials: We anticipate a cost of $10 for all apps and materials for the week.

  • App: Adobe Rush (iOS or Android) – Free
  • App: Stop Motion Studio Pro (iOS or Android – available in your device App store for $4.99)
  • Animation: Students will get to choose which supplies they’d like to animate with. Some suggestions are: General arts and craft supplies (paper, scissors, popsicle sticks, pom poms, beads), clay or Playdough, legos, and small toys that can stand unsupported.
  • Access to two devices (one for creating, and one for communicating with the class).



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Brandon Shenkman graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Electronic Media, Arts and Communication. While attending RPI he interned at IBM in the Software Division. He has also designed and scored independent video games as well as being an accomplished freelance writer. He teaches various courses at the Jacob Burns Film CenterBrandon’s classes often focus on learning through experimentation and iteration. They are designed to emphasize and nurture a student’s individual creative instincts, while providing them a safe space to collaborate with like-minded peers.


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