Become a School Partner

With two or more Certified Educators, a school qualifies to become a school partner. This level of involvement ensures the impact of Image, Sound, and Story and also confers additional benefits such classroom visits for all teachers and access to additional professional development and training.


$200 per school


JBFC’s Current School Partners

  • Anne M. Dorner Middle School – Ossining, NY
  • Claremont Elementary School – Ossining, NY
  • George M. Davis, Jr. Elementary School – New Rochelle, NY
  • John F. Kennedy Elementary School – Port Chester, NY
  • Mount Kisco Elementary School – Mount Kisco, NY
  • Oakside Elementary School – Peekskill, NY
  • Robert E. Bell Middle School – Chappaqua, NY
  • Trinity Elementary School – New Rochelle

School Partners receive:

  • Discounted Image, Sound, and Story certification fees – $450/teacher for two or more teachers, $300/teacher for five or more teachers.
  • Free registration for new teachers to participate in Viewing & Doing workshops
  • Multiple Image, Sound, and Story student screenings for all classrooms in the school (grades 3–12) to the JBFC Theater or Media Arts Lab. The trip includes a screening of a feature film of your choice from the Education Film Library with interactive pre- and post-screening discussions led by JBFC faculty that gives students an opportunity to analyze and discuss the film and make connections to Image, Sound, and Story classroom work.
  • Two hours of on-site technical or curricular consultation
  • One JBFC faculty-led classroom session per Certified Educator, either as modeling, co-teaching, or observation.
  • Priority access to Classroom to Screening Room, feature film screenings with filmmakers and other special guests.
  • Ongoing Certified Educator support in monthly Community Gatherings.
  • Access to additional training. School Partners may receive professional development that demonstrates how to apply Image, Sound, and Story units to the creation of short narrative and nonfiction shorts in addition to the professional development that integrates core subjects such as Created Equal for Social Studies and Focus on Nature for Science.
  • Support and inspiration for sharing and showcasing student work at your school for administrators and families through resources and consultation.
  • Access to additional Image, Sound, and Story literacy concept projects (Character, Setting, Structure, etc.).
  • Film Fan Membership for Certified Educators to the JBFC.
  • Complimentary ticket offers for special events and screenings.

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