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After-School Field Trips

Bring students to the JBFC Media Arts Lab for a one-time, two-hour after-school Viewing & Doing experience. They’ll view short films and participate in hands-on media projects that emphasize process- and challenge-based learning. This one time experience draws on the rich opportunities available in the JBFC’s curriculum and professional development program, Image, Sound, and Story. We encourage organizations interested in partnering with the JBFC for a yearlong program to schedule an after-school field trip as a first step.

Yearlong Partnership

The JBFC staff works closely with the organizations staff and leadership to build a visual storytelling program at their site. For the first half of the year, students develop a foundation in visual storytelling through the Image, Sound, and Story approach. In the second semester, students apply their skills and work collaboratively to produce a short film.

The JBFC provides:

  • Professional development in September for staff member teams (a minimum of two) in core filmmaking language and the technical skills needed to help students teach production from inception to completion.
  • JBFC faculty support on location throughout the year.
  • Access to the Image, Sound, and Story curriculum of films and media projects, proven to engage students in the creative process as they grow their skills as artists and collaborators.
  • A culminating event at the JBFC or faculty support for an on-site culminating event.
  • Equipment loans for the first semester followed by consultation about equipment purchases for your organization to sustain and grow its use of filmmaking in a fiscally responsible way.


To request an after-school field trip or to learn more about becoming a partner community organization please email

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