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Shorts Program 2

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Shorts Program 2

Available April 29 at 10:00 amMay 5 at 11:59 pm ONLY

David – dir. Zachary Woods, US, 11 minutes, 2020
A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session, but he’s not the only one who needs help. Starring William Jackson Harper (NBC’s The Good Place) and Will Ferrell.

Dead End Drive – dir. Alexander Yellen, US, 14 minutes, 2020
While running from zombies, Oscar hits a dead end, but is quickly led to safety by fellow survivors Darcey and Jacob. He is invited to stay the night by the couple before he heads out in search of the mysterious Salvation, and Oscar soon learns that they have prepared for everything—including him.

Deafinition – dir. Nicole Miller, Australia, 8 minutes, 2019
A personal look into the inner world of Peter, a deaf man, and his experiences with day-to-day social interactions. With comedy and creativity, we learn about Paul’s reality and perspective.

Second Time – dir. Rafa Oliveira, Brazil, 4 minutes, 2020
A deaf couple chats at a party while everyone else observes the beginning of a beautiful love story. But is the conversation as innocent as it seems?

I’m So Far – dir. Léo Grandperret, France, 2 minutes, 2020
Sometimes, things that seem simple… just aren’t. I’m So Far follows the trials of a senior with limited mobility trying to leave his home with the help of some friends.

Pricing/Film Availability Info: All four ReelAbilities Film Festival short film programs are available free of charge, and passholders will also have access to the shorts programs included with their pass purchase. All film programs will be available to stream for the entire length of the series—films will become available at 10:00am on April 29 and will be open to stream until 11:59pm on May 5. Once a film is started, pass holders will have 48 hours to finish, regardless of when in the series they start the film.

This film is part of the ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York series.

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