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La Belle Noiseuse

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La Belle Noiseuse

“The best film about the physical creation of art.” (Roger Ebert)

Jacques Rivette’s spellbinding La Belle Noiseuse returns to the screen in a vivid 4K restoration that does justice to its extended runtime. Michel Piccoli plays Frenhofer, a famous painter suffering from artist’s block, who lives with his wife on a French country estate. Their reclusive life is turned upside down when the feisty Marianne (Emmanuelle Béart) and her boyfriend arrive for a visit, and she consents to be the artist’s muse—replacing his wife as la belle noiseuse (“beautiful troublemaker”) for his abandoned masterpiece. Thus begins a series of tumultuous all-day sessions as Frenhofer, used to exerting utter control over his subject, poses her nude body at will. But Marianne will not be molded and, as tensions simmer and the days wear on, it’s she who gains the upper hand.

Includes scenes of prolonged nudity.

Please note, the screening includes a 10-minute intermission

Tickets: $12 (members), $17 (nonmembers)


Intro by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Edmund Morris
Intro by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Edmund Morris
Sunday, Apr. 15 2018, 5:00
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Pulitzer Prize–winning author Edmund Morris (The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, This Living Hand and Other Essays) will introduce the film. “At four hours long,” he says, “La Belle Noiseuse is so mesmerizing a depiction of the changing power relationship between an artist and his model that time ceases to exist for us, as it does for them.”

This film is part of the FrameWorks 2018: Art on Film series.

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